Suggestions / Specials

12-uurtje                                               € 7,50

Special roll, soup, croquette, salad

12-uurtje / vegetarian                          € 8,00

Special roll, soup, fried camembert, salad

12-uurtje / the luxury                            € 9,00

Special roll, soup, croquette, salad with salmon or carpaccio

We regularly have an other soup of the day.

What did you miss?

Broccoli soup
French onion soup

Autumn pumpkin soup with a spicy twist etc.
Tomato soup

Nasi Campur (Bali, Indonesia)
Rice with Rendang, Ayam Pedis, Sambal Beans and Egg, Babi Bacon, etc. (Repeats soon)

Meatloaf slices with raspberry, celeriac puree & asparagus
Chicken in curry sauce with pineapple and apple, rice with fried onions.


What is staying:

Saté of (marinated) pork tenderloin

Hamburger Camaleón with cheese, baked egg, bacon, tomato and more **

Chilli con carne